Reynor Track Pack [25-OCT-2019]

Name Key BPM Length Size
Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk (Reynor Vip Mix) 7A 126 03:34 13.98MB
Dissatisfied Laughter Airplanes (Reynor Mashup) 9A/10A 125 02:56 14.61MB
Lalala Tech Party (Reynor Mashup) 7A 126 05:12 19.79MB
Manneken Pullover (Reynor Mashup) 2A 126 03:35 16.08MB
My House Every Weekend (Reynor Mashup) 4A 125 02:19 13.19MB
Pump It Up & Make It Rain (Reynor Mashup) 9A 126 03:18 15.43MB
San Chuncky Disco (Reynor Mashup) 4A 125 02:52 14.46MB
Spirou Dynamite (Reynor Mashup) 12B 125 03:46 16.51MB
Stop It Para Voce (Reynor Mashup) 6A 126 03:39 16.23MB
The Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow (Reynor Vip X Irmo Mix) 8A 126 04:40 10.81MB
Tones And I- Dance Monkey (Reynor Vip Mix) 4A 125 03:21 13.12MB
Usher- Yeah! (Reynor Vip Mix) 6A 125 03:36 8.61MB
We Dem Boyz Smokemachine (Reynor Mashup) 1A 126 03:34 16.05MB
Wow I’m On Fyre (Reynor Mashup) 11A 125 03:21 15.56MB
Total size: 204.42MB (14 files)
Total length: 00:49:43
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