Remixfreakz Remix Pack [August 2021]

Name Length Size
Remixfreakz – 1+1 (Mainstream-Pop Redrum) 110Bpm Clean 03:33 8.16MB
Remixfreakz – Caliente (Latin Redrum Hype) 126Bpm Clean 03:21 7.71MB
Remixfreakz – Can She (Dubstep-Trap Redrum) 100Bpm Dirty 03:45 8.61MB
Remixfreakz – Cry Baby (Hip Hop R&b Extended Redrum) 68Bpm Clean 03:21 7.68MB
Remixfreakz – Earthquake (Moombahton-Trap Redrum) 92Bpm Clean 03:33 8.16MB
Remixfreakz – Give It To Her (Throwback Reggaeton Redrum) 105Bpm Clean 03:44 8.55MB
Remixfreakz – Go Crazy (Future House Redrum Hype V2) 120Bpm Clean 03:48 8.70MB
Remixfreakz – I Want Love (Mainstream-Pop Redrum) 121Bpm Clean 03:44 8.58MB
Remixfreakz – It’s Tricky (80’s Hip Hop Rap Redrum) 128Bpm Clean 03:33 8.16MB
Remixfreakz – Lemonade (2021 Mainstream-Pop Redrum) 123Bpm Clean 03:42 8.49MB
Remixfreakz – On Read (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 72Bpm Clean 03:36 8.27MB
Remixfreakz – Onna Come Up (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 75Bpm Clean 03:39 8.37MB
Remixfreakz – Pop That Booty (Dubstep-Trap Redrum Hype) 90Bpm Clean 03:49 8.75MB
Remixfreakz – Positions (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 72Bpm Dirty 03:46 8.65MB
Remixfreakz – Shake (Pop Moombah Blend) 104Bpm Clean 03:20 7.66MB
Remixfreakz – Something Stupid (Future House Redrum) 120Bpm Clean 03:28 7.94MB
Remixfreakz – Still Trappin (Hip Hop R&b Extended Redrum Hype) 73Bpm Dirty 04:13 9.66MB
Remixfreakz – Stronger (Mainstream-Pop Redrum) 105Bpm Clean 03:28 7.94MB
Remixfreakz – Therefore I Am (Top40 Moombah Redrum) 96Bpm Clean 03:25 7.82MB
Remixfreakz – Up (Hip Hop R&b Redrum) 83Bpm Clean 03:42 8.49MB
Remixfreakz – Up (Moombah-Hip Hop Extended Redrum) 90Bpm Clean 03:36 8.25MB
Remixfreakz – Viva La Radio (90’s Extended Redrum Intro Outro) 127Bpm Clean 03:27 7.94MB
Remixfreakz – We Will Rock You (Moombahton-Trap Reboot) 95Bpm Clean 03:57 9.06MB
Remixfreakz – Wish You Where Here (Dubstep-Trap Redrum) 126Bpm Clean 03:21 7.71MB
Remixfreakz – X Gon’ Give It To Ya (Throwback Club Rework) 122Bpm Clean 03:48 8.71MB
Total size: 208.05MB (25 files)
Total length: 01:30:39
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