Promo Only Caribbean Series February-2014-SPLiFF

01-beenie man-set the place on fire (04:44)
02-bounty killer-harder (05:06)
03-elephant man-up (04:38)
04-kes-too drunk to wine (feat. beenie man) (05:15)
05-voicemail-gyals instruction (remix) (feat. skinny fabulous) (06:11)
06-kaptn-stir it up (feat. vanchi and shockpack) (05:24)
07-rhizistance-in my head (thinking bout you) (07:28)
08-voicemail-step (03:56)
09-konshens-jus dance yah gyal (05:49)
10-negus-lets have a party (03:40)
11-qq-mosquito net (04:17)
12-farmer nappy-big people party (08:03)
13-k. kay-home for carnival (06:06)
14-arcangel-contigo quiero amores (08:03)
15-lui g 21 plus-amor ilegal (feat. de la ghetto) (06:37)
16-baby rasta y gringo-no dices na (05:35)
17-jenny la sexy voz-los blue prints (feat. arcangel) (06:47)
18-becky g-cant get enough (feat. pitbull) (07:18)
19-vic latino-conga 2014 (diego ruiz and vic latino radio mix) (feat. nalaya brown and fulanito) (08:37)
20-d.d.a.-noche de aventura (06:32)

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