Crooklyn Clan [07-JUN-2021]

Name Key BPM Length Size
Brooklyn Express – Sixty Nine (Collini Club House Party Starter)[Clean] 6A 125 03:12 7.32MB
C.c. Catch – Cause You Are Young (Collini Club House Party Starter)[Clean] 5A 124 03:25 7.83MB
Dr Dre – Still D.r.e (Scratch Intro) (Nelson S Personal Dj Tool Starter)[Dirty] 9A 94 04:35 10.52MB
Joan Jenet Dmx – X Gon’ Give It To Ya (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Clean] 3A 96 03:12 7.33MB
Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (Scratch Drop) (Nelson S Epic Intro)[Clean] 7A 95 03:17 7.55MB
Notorious B.i.g – Hypnotized (Scratch Drop) (Nelson S Personal Dj Tool Starter)[Dirty] 9A 94 03:56 9.01MB
Soulja Boy Tell ’em – Crank That (Nelson S Clapella Transition)[Clean] 5A 130 04:12 9.64MB
Total size: 59.21MB (7 files)
Total length: 00:25:49
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